Unformat USB Drive – Recover Data from Formatted Flash Drive

usbUSB drives are one of most widely used across the world for storing data various types of drives. These drives are easy to use and having very large data storage capacity. Commonly, people use these drives to take the backup as well as storing their precious data. These external storage drives are very small in size therefor they are used by people to carry their information along with them. In market there are a number of manufacturing brands which are developing USB hard drives. These external USB drives have many advanced features and comparability, but beside these thinks, people can face data loss issue from it.

There are various causes by which people can face their important data loss issue from USB drive. Formatting is one of the most common reason behind data loss, because after formatting all the files save in USB drive get lost permanently. These lost data can be their official data or some other like documents, audios, pictures and video files. After encountering such issue, people want to get back all these files at any cost. These lost data can be recovered from formatted USB drive by utilizing a third party tool because there is no manual way to unformat USB drive data. Before talking about the recovery program let us talk about the some most common reasons which leads to data loss from USB drive:

USB Drive Formatting: Format is a process of removing all the information stored in hard drive. Once the drive gets formatted all the data save in it get erased permanently. Therefor, before formatting the USB drive, people need to take proper backup of important data.

Virus Infractions: Viruses are the computer program which deletes the information saved in the storage drive. If people use there USB drive with virus infected system, then there is a chance of USB drive corruption. Once the drive gets corrupted the data store in it become inaccessible. So to access USB drive, people need to format it by which all the data saved in it get lost.

Power Outage: At the time of moving data from USB drive to the computer or vice versa, if system gets shutdown due to power surge or any other causes, then it may lead to data lost.

File System corruption: File system is a method that is used by operating system to keep track the files saved on the drive. If this file system gets corrupted due to any reasons, then all the data saved in hard drive become unreachable.

In order to perform unformat USB drive, people can utilize Unformat Mac application. This program has built with advanced scanning algorithms which performs deep scanning of USD drives and recover each bit of information from formatted drive. Unformat Mac tool supports all the versions of Mac operating system to unformat USB drive such as Yosemite, Lion, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Leopard. It is also capable to recover data from various formatted storage drives including USB drive, Memory card, CF card, Flash drive, Secure Digital cards, Solid State Drive, MMC, etc. very easily.

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