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file recoveryYesterday I was working on my system suddenly I press delete option due to which all files and folders get deleted from my system. I am horrified due to this and I want to retrieve all files and folders as soon as possible. Is there any software to recover files on Windows or Mac system? Please suggest…!!!

It is horrified condition for users when data get lost or deleted on Windows or Mac operating system. Data contains different files such as images, songs, videos, documents, etc. Under such condition, you can use Easy File Recovery software to perform deleted file recovery from Windows or Mac system. This recovery tool allows user to recover deleted or lost files with great ease. It is very simple and relevant application so that non technical user can even recover files and folders on Windows or Mac. This application is available online as data recovery software for Windows or Mac system.

Reasons for data loss from Windows or Mac system

Command Prompt: This option can permanently delete your file from system. Due to this option, user face severe data loss from the hard drive of the system.

Recycle Bin Size: The size of recycle bin is 10% of the size of hard drive on Windows operating system. Once you accidentally deleted large files on Windows, and therefore the size of file exceeds the size of recycle bin. Then files on Windows or Mac get deleted from system.

Other Reason: Several other reasons for data loss are human error (accidental deletion), re-installation of operating system, partition of drive, formatting of hard drive, etc.

You can use this effective tool to recover data on Windows or Mac in few simple steps. This application has several advantages, some of features are mentioned below:

Precautions taken to avoid above mentioned scenarios

  • Always ensure whether file is unwanted or not before deletion
  • Upgrade your antivirus tool to the latest version
  • Prepare backup of all important files to avoid data loss situation

Features of Easy File Recovery Software

This recovery software can be easily downloaded on all the latest version of Windows operating system. Preview option allow user to check the file from the recovered file before the purchase of this application. User is not able to save the retrieved file until he purchase the application. It has an extraordinary feature named Find option which allows user to search data according to file signature. It is one the fastest application available online to recover files on computer.

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