How to recover file from formatted hard drive?

Formatting a hard drive nothing but helps you in cleaning of bad sectors and the broken files; Formatting a hard drive / partition does not erase the data on it. When a partition is formatted only its corresponding entry in the partition table is removed but not the contents of the file or the files. Though the file might be deleted but still the contents will be existed on the hard drive unless it is overwritten by another file.

Tips to recover formatted hard drive

The application is a user interface which lets you to recover lost files using the simple steps given below:

  • Download the software; run it with either double clicking on the desktop with the shortcut or else by selecting the icon from the program list in the Start Menu.
  • As soon as you’re done with it, select the partition recovery option with the respective of your requirements.
  • Select the Recover option and continue with the Next option for the further steps.
  • The application searches the hard drive and lists all the found partitions             with respective table.
  • Once you’re done with the following, the software automatically scans the partition for the respective files or folders and displays it in the tree structure.
  • Once the file or folder is been found, the final step to save the retrieved data into a safer location.

You can also use FAT data recovery for any kind of retrieval in the drive.

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