Why don’t Windows information recovery programs work on Mac?

Do you know why you cannot use a Windows recovery tool for Mac recovery? Because, it will not work. I realize this may seem an obvious answer but it might surprise you to know that the vast majority of computer users are completely unaware as to the differences in their computer operating systems. These differences which include features such as systems for archiving files on a hard disk drive and information as basic as whether or not a microprocessor is compatible with the operating system are for the most part unknown to the average PC or Mac owner.

The Mac OS X operating system is no more sophisticated than the latest version of Windows. It is however completely different and as such requires applications for Mac recovery designed expressly for that use. Even photo recovery programs for use with Mac computers must be specifically designed for that purpose.

Lost data restoration on compact digital media devices

A great if somewhat unknown use for data recovery tools is as an insulator when attempting to recover photos from corrupted memory stick storage. Memory sticks and other solid state external media such as flash drives and SD cards are excellent carriers for malware and viruses. They simply do not have the built in firewall protection one can make available in their PC. Viruses like to download and transfer onto external storage devices like this and from there attack your computer.

When you have hundreds if not thousands of valuable digital photos stored on a memory stick or a flash drive it becomes a difficult task to recover those photos and then use a file shredder on the drive so as to destroy the malware. Quality photo recovery tools allow one to recover lost data from flash drive devices and safely preview files. These selected files can then be saved to a second external storage device without ever risking damage to your computer.

Hard drive data recovery solutions for average PC operators

I think most people are aware that when dealing with a problem requiring crashed hard drive recovery the most efficient solution is to remove their hard drive connected to a working PC. This allows them to copy all of the existing files on that hard drive to a new location such as a large Western Digital external hard drive. This is a fairly efficient method, however in some ways it is completely impractical. The average person is unskilled enough and completely unwilling to dismantle their precious desktop or laptop computer. They would then need to dismantle a second computer and connect by means of a cable their hard drive to it. Frankly this is far beyond the skill level of the average person.

Perhaps a better way to deal with crashed hard drive recovery problems is to use hard disk data recovery software after the fact. By after the fact we mean after one has reloaded their Windows operating system and restored functionality to their PC. Bear in mind that only the most powerful data recovery tools are capable of restoring files after a computer has been reformatted as a result of reloading the operating system.

Opt for the most modern software when you want to recover files fast

While there are many great programs available at reasonable prices to help you recover data that has been lost due to accidental deletion or damage to files not all of these are capable of quickly scanning large hard drives and then equally fast sorting through that list of recoverable files. An obsolete file recovery program can take almost a week to look through a simple 100 GB hard drive. A modern deleted files recovery program can accomplish this same task in just minutes.

Many older data recovery programs do not have the ability to sort recoverable files into common categories such as photos and documents. This makes finding a specific file in the midst of a 250,000 needle haystack virtually impossible. In fact some of the worst data recovery programs are not even capable of reattaching the original file name to the program. These programs which can cost up to $100 are for the most part worthless. Many of the best data recovery programs are presently made by Remo software. Remo not only offers state of the art high speed file sorting technology but also allows one a free trial download of their programs.

Quick recovery of raw format digital photographs

Digital photography is amazing in that it allows the user complete control after a picture is taken to edit that photo. Most people are aware of common photo editing functions such as removing red eye and cropping the picture. But did you know that you can actually adjust factors such as light source to the photo and shadows? In order to adjust digital photos at this high a level you may wish to make these adjustments using what is known as the camera RAW files. These are the files as created by your camera during the point of taking the picture.

When you copy all of the contents from your camera’s secure digital card directly onto your computer’s hard drive these files remain in the original RAW format. This is perfect as long as you do not accidentally delete the files. You might be surprised how often accidental deletion of camera RAW files occurs. Whether you need to recover deleted files from SD card or internal hard disk drive storage you will need a photo recovery tool that was exclusively designed to recognize the type of files created by your camera manufacturer.

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