Opt for the most modern software when you want to recover files fast

While there are many great programs available at reasonable prices to help you recover data that has been lost due to accidental deletion or damage to files not all of these are capable of quickly scanning large hard drives and then equally fast sorting through that list of recoverable files. An obsolete file recovery program can take almost a week to look through a simple 100 GB hard drive. A modern deleted files recovery program can accomplish this same task in just minutes.

Many older data recovery programs do not have the ability to sort recoverable files into common categories such as photos and documents. This makes finding a specific file in the midst of a 250,000 needle haystack virtually impossible. In fact some of the worst data recovery programs are not even capable of reattaching the original file name to the program. These programs which can cost up to $100 are for the most part worthless. Many of the best data recovery programs are presently made by Remo software. Remo not only offers state of the art high speed file sorting technology but also allows one a free trial download of their programs.

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