Know about Your Windows 10 Build Number

imagesA number of Windows 10 system users having an idea of which build they are using. In point of fact, most users likely do not know, and that is an OK. Windows 10 operating system should be transparent, and people should not have to know the perfect build of the operating system they are using.

Microsoft Windows Insiders, still are a different breed. People like to keep tabs on every release and sometimes, just sometimes, they may have unnoticed which build they are running. Instead, they things about the update but they do not know how to do or changed. So in order to check Windows build version people need to follow some simple step to get it.

First of all, they need to open up the run command by using the key combination Win + R. After that they need to type winver into the run command text box and click on OK or press Enter button. Once user do that, they should see a dialog screen revealing the operating system build and registration information. There are some other way to check the current build of Windows 10 system. That is by using Win + R key combination and type winver in first text box and Cortana in other search box and choice the first surfaced result.

Note, if people are a Windows 10 OS Insider, then they will likely have an ending date for the build. In such case there is no need to stew over this as they can always stop getting insider builds and their operating system will return to a non expiring edition. Theoretically, Microsoft is going to support updating Windows 10 through the Insider application and this date will constantly get pushed back.

Besides, as an interesting measurement, I noticed that my Windows 10 OS shows Windows 8 at the top. Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul notes that this is just a bug and most of the users will just see Windows or Windows 10 at the top. At last, I am sure many of users have noticed the return of the test mode watermark on the 10525 system desktop. For Insiders, this is also the casual way to check the build number of the operating system.

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