How to Turn Off Gatekeeper Permanently on Mac OS X?

Usually users may download and installed so many applications from the internet and stores them in Mac system. These applications may affect your Mac. So to protect your Mac system from such applications Gatekeeper is used. Gatekeeper is nothing but an advanced feature developed on Mac OS X’s. It helps to protect the Mac from malware attacks, virus attacks, and misbehaving apps which are downloaded from the internet. The most reliable place to download and install the apps is Mac App Store. Apple reviews each and every app before it is accepted by the App store. If there is any problem with that app Apple removes it quickly from the App store.

Sometimes while trying to install an app you may encounter with a message stated “can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer “or “can’t be opened’ because it was not downloaded from the Mac App Store. Under such conditions, go to System Preferences option in your system and click on the Security & Privacy option. Under that set the Gatekeeper to allow the apps to be downloaded from the Mac App Store, identified developers, or from anywhere. Now select the Anywhere option along with a warning you will be told that this setting will be automatically reset if the app is not used for 30 days.

Even though if you trusted that software available on the internet is safe or if you want to avoid malware and other bit of nefarious code then you can disable the Gatekeeper permanently. To disable the Gatekeeper from your system you have to follow some steps.

Steps to disable the Gatekeeper feature permanently on OS X:

  • Open the Terminal command and type the following command “sudo defaults write/Library/Preferences/ GKAutoRearm – bool NO” and hit enter.
  • After hitting on the enter key you have to enter your admin password. When typing your password at the Password prompt, you will not see anything on the screen. If you get your normal command prompt after entering your password, then you can enter your password and the command will be executed. If you typed wrong password, a message will be displayed like “Sorry, try again” And you will get another chance to enter the correct password.
  • To undo the Gatekeeper setting again in your system then type “sudo defaults write/Library/Preferences/ GKAutoRearm – bool YES” and hit enter key.
  • For most of the users a balance is to select to allow the apps from Mac App Store and identified developers and then right click on the app you downloaded from a developer but it is neither in the App store nor identified by Apple. Instead of double clicking on the App and getting blocked by Gatekeeper, it is better to right click on the App and select open option. Continue reading this page to get detailed information about how to disable Gatekeeper on Mac OS X.
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