How to FIX AVI Videos

We can come across many scenarios where our AVI files can’t play due to corruption or damage. In such cases, we need to fix this badly. But before proceeding to that, we should be aware of unreliable softwares as this may further corrupt the AVI file if handled incorrectly. So, we use a software called Remo Repair AVI which does nothing but scans the video in read only mode so there are no chances of further corruption and finally creates a new fixed file.

See it in this video below and you can do it yourself, no technical knowledge required.

Features of Remo Repair AVI

  • The software is user friendly and requires no technical knowledge as mentioned above. Easy navigation and provides description in each window of the wizard.
  • Takes less time for repairing broken, corrupt or damaged AVI video files.
  • The fixed video can be previewed by the user. This shows the reliability of the tool which guarantee the repair of your AVI video files.
  • The tool can be used for recovery from all kinds of physical disk drives, internal drives, external drives, etc.
  • The tool effectively fixes any AVI file of any size and works even if it is severely corrupted.

In the following scenarios, Remo Repair AVI software will be useful

  • The device which you are recording AVI videos got stuck or switch off due to any reason causes corruption.
  • Virus infections in your computer system will cause deletion of files and even sometimes corrupts some or all of your files including AVI videos.
  • If the audio and video streams are not synced properly then it could lead to incompatibility problems and renders an unplayable and corrupted AVI video.
  • If the process of transferring AVI file from your computer system to any other device and vice versa process gets interrupted because of power failure or improper shut down of your system, then AVI file can get corrupted and refuses to play when you try to open it.
  • AVI header corruption, software malfunction, malfunctioning of video player software, etc. These may cause a major impact on your AVI video file and you will get your video in corrupted format.

Steps to Fix AVI Videos

Download Remo Repair AVI tool from the description of the above YouTube video. Install and run it on your system. Then you will be shown with a single browse box where you need to browse your corrupted or damaged AVI video file. Then, simple click on “Repair”, then it will process to fix the AVI video using its inbuilt algorithms and give you a playable video. Then you can “Preview” it and after activation of the software license, you can “Save” it on your disk drive. All the process of repair takes only few seconds. Try it yourself and figure it out.

The only thing is you don’t have to use any unreliable third party software as this may corrupt the AVI file further.

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