Here’s More about The Best Motherboard for Gaming

Here’s more about The Best Motherboard for Gaming

When we talk about gaming, then in that case motherboards plays a vital role for showing its good performance. Motherboards consists of huge amount of graphics cards, pricey drives and over clocked CPU which helps anyone’s to work on their laptop with full potential and for long time. A new CPU launched i.e. Sky Lake CPU which demands for new chip sets. The 170 chipsets now makes unclear lines between the Intel’s extreme and standard platform which really provide good results for plenty of our gamers.

Mid-range Skylake motherboard: LGA 1151

With its continuity, MSI is winning its agreement by defeating ASUS with Z171A gaming pro. Almost all the features are matching between MSI and ASUS but the only difference is their Price which is high in case of MSI as compared to ASUS. The Z171A gaming pro is considered to be as budget hardware with its range of 130$. It has a speed of M2 with 14 USB ports which contains a pair of 10Gbps connectors. It has also adjustable mystic light LED array which is present on the right edge of the motherboard.

ASUS is facing many problems with its implementation even after the release of its competitor Z170 pro. For the purpose of internet connectivity, Intel V219 LAN is provided with the protection circuitry that will help to prevent from voltage spikes. All the visible choices which includes heavy soldering, reinforced PCI slots, high quality caps and the titanium chokes indicates improvements. The main disadvantage for the Gaming pro is an issue which is caused by the SATA connectors on the lower part of motherboard. The drive connectors are pointing to the vertical direction as the edge lit design are used here but the mystic light may remain cool at that time.

Best Skylane motherboard all around: LGA 1151

As we are tired of waiting for long, ASUS sorts out the PRO gaming series with MSI. ASUS offers you a new Z170 PRO. This has an alternative feature with perfect VRM software as compared to midrange boards with ALC 1150 audio , Intel v219 Ethernet, and white/silver looks which are subdued and ASUS signature’s series BIOS. While not as robust as Asus low budget runner up, the H 97 Gamer Pro, the Fatal match Asus raw performance and outdistanced AS Rock own Z97 extreme boards on cost, stability and compatibility in this price sensitive segment.

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