Hard drive data recovery solutions for average PC operators

I think most people are aware that when dealing with a problem requiring crashed hard drive recovery the most efficient solution is to remove their hard drive connected to a working PC. This allows them to copy all of the existing files on that hard drive to a new location such as a large Western Digital external hard drive. This is a fairly efficient method, however in some ways it is completely impractical. The average person is unskilled enough and completely unwilling to dismantle their precious desktop or laptop computer. They would then need to dismantle a second computer and connect by means of a cable their hard drive to it. Frankly this is far beyond the skill level of the average person.

Perhaps a better way to deal with crashed hard drive recovery problems is to use hard disk data recovery software after the fact. By after the fact we mean after one has reloaded their Windows operating system and restored functionality to their PC. Bear in mind that only the most powerful data recovery tools are capable of restoring files after a computer has been reformatted as a result of reloading the operating system.

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