How to FIX AVI Videos

We can come across many scenarios where our AVI files can’t play due to corruption or damage. In such cases, we need to fix this badly. But before proceeding to that, we should be aware of unreliable softwares as this may further corrupt the AVI file if handled incorrectly. So, we use a software called Remo Repair AVI which does nothing but scans the video in read only mode so there are no chances of further corruption and finally creates a new fixed file.

See it in this video below and you can do it yourself, no technical knowledge required.

Features of Remo Repair AVI

  • The software is user friendly and requires no technical knowledge as mentioned above. Easy navigation and provides description in each window of the wizard.
  • Takes less time for repairing broken, corrupt or damaged AVI video files.
  • The fixed video can be previewed by the user. This shows the reliability of the tool which guarantee the repair of your AVI video files.
  • The tool can be used for recovery from all kinds of physical disk drives, internal drives, external drives, etc.
  • The tool effectively fixes any AVI file of any size and works even if it is severely corrupted.

In the following scenarios, Remo Repair AVI software will be useful

  • The device which you are recording AVI videos got stuck or switch off due to any reason causes corruption.
  • Virus infections in your computer system will cause deletion of files and even sometimes corrupts some or all of your files including AVI videos.
  • If the audio and video streams are not synced properly then it could lead to incompatibility problems and renders an unplayable and corrupted AVI video.
  • If the process of transferring AVI file from your computer system to any other device and vice versa process gets interrupted because of power failure or improper shut down of your system, then AVI file can get corrupted and refuses to play when you try to open it.
  • AVI header corruption, software malfunction, malfunctioning of video player software, etc. These may cause a major impact on your AVI video file and you will get your video in corrupted format.

Steps to Fix AVI Videos

Download Remo Repair AVI tool from the description of the above YouTube video. Install and run it on your system. Then you will be shown with a single browse box where you need to browse your corrupted or damaged AVI video file. Then, simple click on “Repair”, then it will process to fix the AVI video using its inbuilt algorithms and give you a playable video. Then you can “Preview” it and after activation of the software license, you can “Save” it on your disk drive. All the process of repair takes only few seconds. Try it yourself and figure it out.

The only thing is you don’t have to use any unreliable third party software as this may corrupt the AVI file further.

An Advanced Way to Recover Lost Data

Normally hard drive is required in every computer to store many files. It is available in two forms like an internal hard drive and external hard drive. Internal hard disk drive must be used in computer case to save data and it’s not portable, although it’s possible to possibly buy removable internal hard drive. External hard drives are portable and in addition they can be used with other computers. Users are able to do partitioning of hard drive with regards to simple viewing of your data inside laptop or computer. Partitioning means the dividing of hard drive into many logical drives or partitions for convenience.

Every computer user finds the problem with their system. Sometime, you may format the partition mistakenly and then think that the way to recover lost data from the partition. However, this isn’t a significant matter to obtain nervous because you are capable to recover lost data from hard drive with the aid of vacation tools like Recover Lost Data software. By utilizing this advanced application, you can recover data from hard drive easily. To know more about hard drive data recovery check it out:

Several scenarios in which you might end up with data loss on account of formatting of hard drive are explained below.

  • Most of the time, data loss occurs as a result of common user errors like accidental formatting of wrong drive. As an example: If the ‘E’ drive is set with media files like movies and you may desire to format it, since you are thinking to switch every movies by a new one. As well as its adjacent drive is ‘F’ which is having your essential documents, so when formatting ‘E’ drive, you’ve formatted the ‘F’ drive mistakenly. In this scenario you will be with your important document loss.
  • When re-formatting one drive or partition to enhance the file system, you could have formatted another partition.
  • If bad sector problem arises, you can’t read or write data into these bad sectors, so for this reason all data becomes inaccessible from the hard disk.
  • Sometimes file system from the partition can get corrupt on account of virus attack, and it’ll force you to format the partition, in order to that there is no further problems for other partitions.
  • If you want to install new OS in your computer, you must format the actual partition or create new partition; in both cases you may lose the data.

A few other reasons that can lead to loss the information from hard drives like MBR corruption, partition corruption, error during re-partitioning, etc. are some other scenarios, they might force you to format the hard disk drive and hence loss of data.

Anyway, in case for those who have formatted data from the storage media, it is possible to recover formatted data by using Recover Lost Data application, the software has built with an advanced scanning algorithm to recoup all lost data from the formatted partition or hard drive. Recover Lost Data program recovers data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT formatted partitions or drives. The trial version of this software program is available on internet and you will download it. It is going to carry out the detailed scan of your respective formatted disk and recovers all the deleted or lost data. Ones you if you glad with all the response to demo version, you can get the complete version of the application to save the recovered data.

How to restore data from formatted memory card?

Windows Operating System is a Graphical user interface operating system which supports two kinds of file systems i.e. FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS (New Technology File System). FAT & NTFS file system are available in various types like FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS16 and NTFS32. NTFS is much more protected file systems compared to FAT and provides less quantity of disk errors It also gives consistency of information, speed of keeping, and easy access to files. FAT file system is used in memory cards for quick and secure transfer of data.

Memory cards are electronic storage device that are used in devices like cell phones and digital cameras presently. There are several types of memory cards such as CF card (Compact Flash card), SD card (Secure Digital card), MMC (Multi Media Card), etc. CF cards are used in digital cameras, personal computer, PDA’s, MP3 players and photo printers. SD cards and Multimedia Cards are used in cell phones, PDAs, mp3’s and personal computers. FAT file system is supported by both Windows and Mac pc operating system.

When you format memory card due to any reason it results in loss of data. Sometimes “Format errors” might also result in data loss on memory card. In digital cameras if you accidentally click on format all after that data on memory card gets deleted. Secondly while moving data from your device to computer or vice versa you might accidentally format memory resulting again in data loss. You should be thinking of how to unformat a memory card after losing your essential data. So don’t be sad, there are many data recovery tools available that helps you to get back crucial computer data.

Let us see some common situations where your data might get lost:

• Accidental deletion of an important file by using Shift + Delete key combination. This will make the file bypass Recycle Bin and leading to loss of data.

• In certain cases when you try to access data from memory card in Windows Vista a message stating that your drive is not formatted is displayed due to a few file system errors. At this point of time if you format the device then it will result in deletion of entire data saved on system.

You are suggested to take proper backup of your files that can be use in future to restore missing data. Always follow appropriate plug and play process to use memory and be sure that you have taken backup of critical files before formatting of memory card. Even if your data get deleted from memory card then you can use any memory card recovery windows application to restore your data from memory.

Remo Recover (Windows) – Media Edition well known software to recover lost files from memory. It has powerful algorithm that allows you to bring back deleted files after format of memory. It doesn’t make any kind of modification in recovered data and makes sure that the data you are getting is same as before. Download totally free demo version of this software and use it to recover lost files from memory card. If you are satisfied with the recovered data then you can purchase the software to save your data back on memory.

Easy repair PST file software

When you’re using the Microsoft Outlook as email client and storing personal records into a separate destination folder as PST file. In Microsoft Outlook, the PST file is been majorly used for storing the important files relating to all the mails, folders, attachments, settings, meeting requests, contacts, tasks, task request, journal and notes etc. When all the important things related to the work are been saved up onto the PST file and suddenly it gets damaged and encounters the problem of unable to access information stored onto the PST file.

What are the common scenarios for PST file getting damaged?

The most common situation is unintentional deletion of messages, notes and contacts, formatting or reformatting, partition corruption or reformatting, unexpected software failure or system shutdown, virus attacks etc.

The PST file has a limited memory capacity of 2 GB for storing up the information, when the data is been exceeded from the prescribed capacity whereas it leads to the corruption of PST file. To avoid this problem, we can also use the method of compacting where a simple mistake may also cause corruption of PST file while compacting.

Solution to recover deleted PST file

When all these kind of scenarios is been faced, then third party utility comes for the rescue to repair pst files. The PST files recovery which powerful helps in restoring all the properties such as attachments, password, bcc and cc.

Even though restoring of PST file is been possible. Email backup helps in providing a secure backup for all the outlook needs. This application helps in backing up the messages for a single click which creates both the option of restoration and migration also.

Outlook repair application also provides the backing the messages on regular basis such as weekly, monthly and daily basis can be scheduled.

Tips and tricks to recover hard disk data

It’s the regretful thing you can’t think happening is the occurrence of data loss. When you switch on your PC and found that you have lost some important data that you have saved from many years. Don’t panic with this data loss, just try using reliable recovery software for recovering the lost or missing data and do not use the hard drive from which you have encountered data loss.

But of course, we sometimes delete all the data by mistake that and you may need to get them back but they are no longer available on the drive. So, it is necessary to find erased data. Yet after deletion, you can recover deleted data from the drive using disk recovery utility.

Getting the deleted data back:

  • Download a efficient data recovery application
  • Install the software on a healthy drive or system
  • Plug in the drive with that machine, and.
  • Run the utility to recover deleted data from your hard drive.

If these steps to recover hard disk data are followed then you will be capable of recovering all the lost or missing data effectively. Then you can save the recovered data to a secure location or an external hard drive.

The Best Hard Drive Recovery Software is developed using sophisticated scanning algorithms, which scans the   complete hard drive thoroughly and retrieves lost data files, regardless of the degree of the vital information loss. The quality of the recovered data will depend on the amount of data overwritten after the occurrence of loss.

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