Simple Procedure to Repair PST Outlook files

Microsoft Outlook is commonly used database for the purpose of sending and receiving emails, creating calendar entries, saving documents, and loads of other things. Emails and other information are saved in the form of PST files. As PST files are prone to different types of errors you must be careful to protect them. Consider a situation when you are using Microsoft Outlook 2002, you know that the size of the personal storage file in Outlook 2002 is limited up to 2GB. Anyways if the size of the file crosses the particular limit, the database working becomes very slow and in the end the file gets corrupted.

The problem becomes frustrating when you try to access emails or contacts it will be displaying some error messages. If you are facing such kind of situation no need to panic, you can easily repair the damaged PST files by installing the PST file repair tool.

Reasons for the PST file corruption:

Accessing large amount of mails:?Sometimes when you try to access large volume of emails on your Microsoft Outlook it could fail to open email and gets stuck. In such conditions you might be forced to stop the outlook abnormally stops working. This can lead to PST file corruption and you end up losing mails from Microsoft Outlook.

Faulty networking device:?Generally your PST file resides on configured network server. When you try to use the PST file through the network, sometimes link problem can occur in the network device or some network errors then it may lead to corruption of your PST files.

Third party scanning:?whenever you install an antivirus on your system to protect it from malicious threats. Sometimes PST files are interfered by this virus program while sending or receiving mails and this leads to PST file corruption.

Popular features of the repair PST tool:

  • The extra large Outlook PST files can repaired by using this utility for e.g. Microsoft Outlook 2000 PST file limit is 2GB, when it reach more than limit then, it might get corrupted. By making use of this tool we can easily repair those files.
  • Software is able to provide preview of repaired items to make sure whether all items have been restored from the corrupted PST file.
  • The software has got an option to convert the repaired PST files from Outlook 2003 to 2010 format.
  • The PST files which are password protected might be repaired and its complete data can be recovered applying this application.
  • The software repairs PST files created on all kinds of Microsoft Outlook and it also supports OST files
  • By using this tool you can recover e-mail emptied from deleted items folder or deleted on the other Outlook folder.
  • By employing this software you can search for PST files on pc if you are not able to make out the location of your respective PST files where it is located.

PST file repair in Windows 7

The PST file is really a data file which stores your personal information like contacts, tasks, journal, messages, calendar, notes and RSS feeds. The default folder contains options like drafts, Inbox, sent mail, outbox and junk emails etc. You use a Microsoft Exchange Server e-mail account, then every piece of information is brought to your mailbox and kept in the server. If you are using an outlook PST file, after that your email is situated in the server. PST file makes e-mail portable. Outlook 2000 uses an ANSI format as well as the maximum sized data is 2 gigabytes. Now, the question is how can you recover deleted emails from a PST file?
The PST files are corrupted or damaged because of countless reasons. Scanpst.exe tool is utilized in repairing Inbox mails if your emails have corrupted. It’s installed automatically and could be accustomed to repair PST files and troubleshooting problems. Scanpst.exe is often perfectly located in the program files in C: drive. Before repairing the file, commemorate a backup copy in the PST files. In case your scan tool isn’t working, then how you can recover deleted emails in PST file? If an account for any reason, the PST file is broken or access is denied then how you can repair corrupted PST files? If you work with Microsoft Exchange server, this can cause archive outlook. Suppose your PST file is damaged, you then can’t open your e-mails along with other information like client emails, old archived emails etc. So, how to fix PST file in Windows 7? Now, searching for repair tool. You don’t worry about it since there is available much software to solve this sort of problem. To correct this, you can use Repair Outlook PST tool which offers the best features. It’s so easy to repair oversized PST of sizes. Suppose you’ve got opened your PST file and it’s giving error indicating the file will not exist.

Scenarios for PST file corruption
• PST files may corrupt due to file system damage. If there will be no file system, then just how do that open?
• If malware or spyware attacks your whole body, then there can be possibilities of the PST file corruption.
• When you’re. PST file has damaged, then it may affect your outlook archive.
• Sometimes files could be damaged on account of user mistake and software errors.
• PST files corrupted because of the over height and width of the archive files.
• Immediately shutting down laptop or computer without saving the .PST files could cause of corruption.
• Due to disk failure or some unknown error, .PST files may corrupt.

First download and install the Repair Outlook PST software. After launch the setup, you can check out repair the corrupted PST file by click the button indicating on screen. You’ll be able to select another option i.e normal scans or smart scan. Click next. Then as time passes, it’ll provide the report PST file.

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