Utility to Recover PST File in Few Simple Steps

Microsoft Outlook is used to store emails, tasks, calendars, RSS scanpst-exe-fails-repairfeeds, journals, etc in PST file. Sometimes, your PST file may get corrupt or damaged due to various reasons. So, in order to resolve this issue there is an inbuilt tool is available called Scanpst.exe. But this tool fails to fix, if your PST file is badly corrupted. In such case, you need to use any reliable software to repair such corrupted PST file. You can make use of PST Recovery software to recover PST file in few simple steps.

Reasons behind corruption of PST File:

Sharing of PST File over the Network

Abrupt Termination of Outlook

Improper Up-gradation of Outlook Version

Interruptions while compacting PST file

Over-sized PST File

PST file header corruption

Precautionary Measures:

  • Use updated antivirus on your system to prevent your system from virus attack. A virus attack may corrupt your PST files that are present on your system.
  • Don’t close Outlook abruptly as it may cause PST file corruption.
  • Outlook may also get terminated improperly due to sudden shutdown of system by power failure. So keep UPS battery for back up to avoid such issue.
  • The solution to avoid PST file corruption is to take proper back up of PST file. So that when you encounter with any of these PST file loss situation, then you can easily restore your PST file from back up.

Features of PST Recovery software:

  • This software recovers corrupted PST file on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc.
  • It is capable of recovering deleted or lost PST file on all latest versions of Windows such as Windows Vista, Windows server 2003, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 10, Windows 7, etc with great ease.
  • Once repairing process is over, you can view the list of items recovered from PST file in Outlook.
  • Using this tool, you can retrieve deleted or lost Outlook attributes such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, etc with utmost ease.
  • You can repair PST file that are not repaired using Inbox repair tool of Outlook known as Scanpst.exe.
  • Using this tool, you can recover delete email messages empted from “Deleted Items Folder”.
  • It also repairs password protected PST file and highly encrypted PST file.
  • This software generates a new PST file in Outlook 2003- 2010 format to import it easily.
  • You can preview the recovered PST file using “Preview” option.

Simple Steps to Recover PST file from Outlook:

  • Install and run the demo version of PST Recovery software on your Windows system and select “Recover files” that display on the main screen.remorecover-windows-main-screen1
  • Now select appropriate option and proceed with the recovery process.remorecover-windows-recover-files-screen2
  • Select the drive in which you want to recover PST file and click on “Next “option to start scanning process.remorecover-windows-select-logical-drives3
  • Once scanning process is over, you can view the recovered PST file along with other data in two types of view. One is “File Type View” and second one is “Data Type View”.remorecover-windows-file-type-view-recovered-files4

Tips to recover data from damaged PST file

Are you currently an individual who has lately lost access to your Outlook 2010 account? Additionally, you are looking for a recuperation tool in order that it can recuperate Outlook information for you personally. Once your Outlook account goes unreachable then it is recommended primary utilize the Inbuilt Scanpst tool that is tool provided by the Microsoft to repair common issues. What you would do in a situation whenever a Scanpst tool fails to fix corrupted Outlook account? Here’s just a method to fix your corrupted Outlook account that’s by the application of recuperation tool. You can use among the experienced tools named Fix PST so that you can fix PST on outlook 2010 with ease..

Actually, Outlook account goes unreachable because of corruption of PST file. PST file gets damaged because of different issues including inappropriate Outlook termination, virus infection, file system corruption, over-sized PST file, up gradation of Outlook, etc. if any one of them happens then there exists a possibility of corruption of the PST file.

Let us undergo each corruption issues in detail:

  • Improper Outlook termination: Whenever you terminate the Outlook application without following a right way then could lead to the corruption of information files intact inside the system. PST file may be corrupted so.
  • Virus attack: Virus is computer program that’s w made to affect system files. The primary source of virus attack is insecure browsing, whenever you access online data within an insecure way then it could trigger corruption of PST file.
  • File system corruption: Often it has happened the file system becomes corrupted. File system is format accustomed to amass file within system memory, since the files system gets corrupted you can’t access any of the files from system memory.
  • Over-sized PST file: Over sizing of the PST file may result in corruption of Outlook account automatically. Every versions of Outlook has its own PST file size quality limit. Once it is exceeded to the limited size then further you can’t access any of Outlook attributes further.
  • Up gradation of the Outlook account: If you upgrade your Outlook account and attempt to access data intact in old PST file. PST file could easily gets corrupted so because of platform mismatching or on account of inappropriate importation.

After losing data because of any of the mentioned causes perhaps, you can utilize the previously discussed revival tool and efficiently recover every bit of information from damaged PST file. It is user-friendly application, which makes the application simple to understandable. With the aid of this tool, it is achievable to recuperate damaged PST file on various version of the Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. It is capable enough to repair password PST file as well as other versions of Windows including Widows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and so forth.

For those who have lost Outlook account then it is definitely because of corruption of the PST file and also you wish to recuperate them back then you can certainly utilize this PST repair tool so that you can effectively recover Outlook account by fixing PST file. For more detail, you can check out this link: http://www.fix-pst.com/

Tool to Revamp Missing Emails

Outlook Express is among the widely used applications on users system to handle emails on single platform. Outlook Express that come along with Explorer is qualified to handle different other items like calendar items, tasks, contacts, appointments, meeting requests, RSS feeds, journals, etc. This email managing utility holds different electronic mails in greatly authenticated and secured way. But, even though it is safest means to access mails then also data get missing from Express. When such catastrophic situation evolves then users get panicked and don’t understand what should be done. On such developments firstly users should never get panicked and utilize Mail Recovery utility that revive the anticipated data in couple of minutes.

Since everyone knows that emails have grown to be probably the most utilized method of contacting people legitimate way, therefore if any user loses them as a result of some unforeseen reason they put users in very regretful situation. Let’s discuss one among such email deletion setup and basically what’s to become carried out in such state? Suppose that you’ve got a great deal of emails over your Outlook account that has importance in your life. However, regular use of it’s made a few of the emails corrupt, since Outlook has to be in regular connection with internet. However, if later if you are using tool like Norton anti-virus then it could cause deletion of a few of the important mails that has been damaged as a result of virus intrusion on system. When any data is deleted from system due to alternative utility they never get hold in the deleted folder i.e. Bin Folder. So, on development of such unintentional deletion users end up in regrettable situation where they can’t do whatsoever manually to bring back such emails. These deleted emails however can be reused if any tool which could restore deleted mail from Outlook.

Emails on Outlook profile may also get missing as a result of user’s unintended deletion. However users of Outlook got to know that whenever any attribute of outlook is just deleted then it may be rescued by making use of the Deleted Item Folder. But, rather than simple deletion erasing of information is conducted by means of combination key like Shift Delete then it would get eclipsed over Deleted Item Folder. The emails that happen to be erased from Outlook anyhow when rescued by given tool then resultant file is in the format of .eml. So, this .eml email may be integrated into PST file by utilizing simple step that any novice may also perform i.e. drag and drop option.

Any user whether is novice or expert can retrieve Outlook Express email using this utility due to its very much easy to use graphic user interface i.e. often called GUI. Its compatibility to retrieve emails along with other features of PST file ranges from Microsoft Windows XP to Windows 7, upon various Outlook express accounts like Outlook Express 4, 5, 5.01, 5.5 and 6. Your email that happen to be rescued by means of this utility can be viewed before saving them at any of the system storage location. If users don’t know exact place of the PST file then it’s tracking algorithm finds it and performs each one of the required tasks. This mail restore app is available over internet for examination in demo version.

Inbox Repair Tool to Fix Damaged PST File

Microsoft Outlook is most famous email client launched by Microsoft to enable reliable and faster exchange of emails across the globe. As emails are the way to share both personal and professional data between different clients, one utilizes the effective tool like Microsoft Outlook to help keep track of personal and professional life on daily basis. Outlook has many versions like 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. All data on Outlook profile is saved as single PST file and in each version of Outlook, PST file is assigned with different file size. In addition to exchange of emails, PST file has various advanced features like Contacts, Calendar Items, Tasks, Notes, Journal, Appointments, etc. There are lots of reasons because of which your PST file stops responding and you won’t be able to access data from it. It mainly happens due to corruption for your Outlook PST file.

The causes responsible for the PST file corruption are listed as below:

• Compaction operation performed to reduce the PST file size
• Over-sized PST file that results when PST file size exceeds fixed file size limit. For an example in Outlook 2000 and 2002 PST file gets corrupted when PST file crosses 2GB file size limit
• Network failures that occur when PST file is shared over common network
• Hard drive corruption as a result of Virus attacks
• Improper termination of PST file as a result of abrupt system shut down, power surges, software malfunction, etc
• Anti-virus scanning your laptop or computer data
• Upgradation of Outlook version or operating system on from older to newer version on your computer

Corrupted PST file becomes inaccessible i.e. you can’t access your important Emails, Notes, Tasks, Contacts, Journal, Attachments, Appointments, Calendar, etc in these instances. Also there is a possibility of emails and other Outlook attributes getting deleted from corrupt Outlook PST file. In addition to corruption, you might delete some items from the PST file using Delete key, which gets stored in Deleted Items folder. Data from Deleted Items folder can be recovered easily, where by data deleted using “Shift+Delete” key combination is lost and cannot be recovered manually. You don’t need to worry much, corrupted PST file could be repaired and lost data can be easily recovered with the help of Outlook PST recovery software. This powerful tool has the potential to rapidly fix the corrupted PST file on all versions of Outlook.

Before knowing further details of this software, it’s important to take few precautions in order to avoid damage of PST file and loss of data. Do not use the Shift+Delete key combination to delete unwanted emails from Outlook profile, exclusively use Delete button to delete emails and other Outlook items. Use good anti-virus software to make your system clear of viruses like Trojan horse along with other computer worms. Stop using Outlook PST file when there are sudden system reboots because of frequent power fluctuations. However, in all the before mentioned PST file corruption scenarios, you’ll be able to comfortably use Outlook PST recovery software to carry out corrupted Outlook PST file recovery in few simple steps.

This tool is more effective than Scanpst.exe tool, which is a inbox repair tool given by Microsoft to fix damaged PST file. Scanpst tool fails in case the PST file is severely corrupted whereas this Outlook recovery tool uses two scan options namely, Normal Scan and Smart Scan to perfectly repair damaged PST files based on the severity of PST file corruption. It extracts the data from corrupted Outlook file, repairs it by creating new healthy PST file. Thereby it prevents further injury to source file. You can preview the repaired and recovered Outlook items in an Outlook style browser interface. Download the trial version of this efficient Outlook repair tool and follow few steps as shown by its user interface.

Outlook mail recovery software

MS Outlook is a personal information manager which was developed by Microsoft. It is available as a separate application in addition to a part of the MS Office. Many people still use MS Outlook 2007. The latest version for Windows is MS Office 2010 and for Mac is MS Office 2011. MS Outlook is primarily an email application that includes contact manager, web browsing, notes taking, calendar, journal and task manager. Emailing is the best way of sending messages with the help of corporate email account.The different versions of MS Outlook are as follows:  Microsoft Outlook 2003, MS Outlook 2005, MS Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 etc.

You can keep your personal and business information separately by creating multiple .pst files. Microsoft Outlook consists of Auto Archive feature, which is capable of creating other .pst file which is named as archive.pst. This feature permits you to avoid PST file corruption by removing the old items from PST file and will store it in archive.pst file. But, Microsoft Outlook is not able to protect the data against human errors. In such circumstances, it is required to use outlook mail recovery tool for the mail recovery. Now, let’s discuss some scenarios which are accountable for loss of emails. They are highlighted below:

Due to oversize PST files gets corrupted: The different versions of Microsoft Outlook have different PST file size limitation. For example, Microsoft Outlook 2003 has the size limit of 2GB for PST files. If the size of the PST file exceeds 2GB then PST file may get corrupted or damaged that will make your emails inaccessible.

Due to accidental deletion of emails from Microsoft Outlook: Your emails may get deleted accidentally or emptied from “Deleted Items” folder will lead to loss of emails. Emails which got deleted from any Outlook folder except “Deleted Items” folder can be recovered from “Deleted Items” folder.

Due to antivirus scanning, you may lose your emails: Antivirus program is usually used to remove viruses. However, occasionally it may also lead to loss of emails. If the emails which you are receiving are infected by viruses then the antivirus program which is installed on your computer might delete those mails during scanning.

Though, you can restore the deleted or lost emails from MS Outlook by using Inbox Repair Tool provided by Outlook. If this tool fails to fix the corrupted or damaged PST and results in error that may lead to loss of emails. But, doesn’t panic, with the help of outlook mail recovery tool, you can easily recover your mails from Microsoft Outlook. This tool helps you to undelete the mails from MS Outlook inbox and repair damaged PST file which can’t be repaired by Scanpst.exe tool. It can repair PST file which is corrupted because of oversize. It can also recover the emails from OST file. This software is able to restore the accidentally deleted emails from “Deleted Items” folder. You can download this utility for the recovery results.


Most practical way to perform corrupt PST recovery

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is an e-mail application manufactured by Microsoft Company. Microsoft Outlook 2007 contains the exciting features including scheduling calendar, manage e-mail messages in several folders, daily journal or planner, task manager or to do list, and make contact with manager etc. The best feature in Outlook is the Calendar, and also this feature can be used to keep an eye on meetings, appointments, to perform lists, reminders, tasks and many more. Each of the attributes of Microsoft Outlook 2007 are stored under a single PST file and it’s also positioned on your computer’s hard drive. However, PST files much susceptible to become corrupt or damage and corruption of PST file will result in decrease of all Outlook attributes. So that you can recover lost Outlook attributes, you should fix corrupt PST recovery issue. The best way to fix PST on outlook 2007 is to take advantage of superior 3rd party corrupt PST file repair tool.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 PST file can be a prime source to keep entire Outlook user data. The items in PST file are Emails, Calendar Items, Contacts, Appointments, Meeting Requests, RSS Feeds, Tasks, Journals, and Notes. The PST file is loaded on each and every time when user initiates the e-mail client Outlook. Anyhow, the PST file could become corrupt because of various disastrous situations including PST file header corruption, errors encountered during PST file compaction, virus attack, anti virus scanning, leading to incompatibility while upgrading the Outlook, using PST file exceeds to the maximum size limit, sharing of PST file across the network, and abruptly switching off the system without closing the Microsoft Outlook application etc.

As already said, all the Microsoft Outlook 2007 attributes are stored within the single personal storage file that can possess the .pst extension. This folder is termed as personal storage folder since you personally store it by yourself computer. You’ll find .pst file within the application data folder in your documents folder, in fact it is held in the Microsoft Outlook sub folder. To help you open, close, move, copy or delete the .pst file as much like other files. Should you accidentally delete the .pst file you will lose the Outlook data. Anyhow, you’ll be able to recover deleted .pst file through the use of any 3rd party file recovery software. While recovering the deleted .pst file in the hard drive you’ll find chances to result in corruption of this file. If the .pst file is corrupted then your Outlook data will be lost.

When the oversized PST file problem occurs, you’ll want to squeeze the PST file to get free space. If you delete the unwanted items from each folder it can be going to live in a Deleted Items Folder, and also by carrying this out, you cannot decrease the PST quality. So that you can lessen the PST quality, you should do PST file compaction. Suppose a mysterious error is encountered during compaction of PST file, and this sort of an instance will result in corruption of PST file on Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Anyway, you need not to concern about PST file corruption issue because you will use PST Recovery tool, the best corrupt PST file repair oral appliance this software has the capacity to fix pst for outlook 2007, 2000, 2003, and 2010. Download demo version so that you can repair corrupted PST file and obtain back your lost Outlook data.

Tips to repair Outlook PST file after Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool fails

The PST file is the file that keeps Microsoft Outlook running in terms of the data in it. The fact that Outlook data gets stored in the PST file makes it the most important component of Outlook. Besides just emails, there are lots of other content that is stored in Outlook. This includes all the contacts, items like notes, journals etc. All these items together make Outlook a complete email client and also a perfect organizer tool. This PST file is dynamic in nature as it is under constant modification, during every new activity.

This very nature of the PST file makes it susceptible to corruption very easily. However, besides just the dynamic nature of the file, there are various other reasons that may result in corruption of the PST file. One of the major reasons for this has been found to be an oversized PST. Though this issue has been found to be very common in case of the PST file that is used in Outlook 2000, there are also times when this issue pops up in case of other versions of Outlook. Improper or abrupt closing of Outlook by the user and errors during compacting of the PST file might also result in corruption of the PST file. Once any such kind of error occurs, there is always some error message that is displayed to the user. Another common scenario in which the PST file gets corrupted is due to frequent scanning of incoming and outgoing emails. This scanning is done by the Antivirus software installed by the user in his PC.

In some cases, Outlook fails to open if the PST file is corrupted, or if it opens it fails to display the emails and other related content. In such cases, there is a first aid that is provided by Microsoft for Outlook users. This aid comes in the form of the Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool. This is a software that is capable of fixing issues with the PST file. If the issue with the PST file is not complicated in nature this tool might be able to repair the PST file. However, if the PST file is damaged severely, then there are chances that the PST Repair Tool might stop working and fail to give the desired results.

In such cases when the PST Repair Tool fails, it is essential to make use of a good PST Repair Tool to repair the PST file and recover data from it. Nevertheless, choosing the right Outlook repair tool is essential as the user cannot afford to damage the PST file any further. Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software is a PST repair tool that can repair PST files that are corrupted severely. The software fixes the issue with the PST file, and creates a new PST file with all the recovered data. The options to easily locate the PST file to be repaired based on the profiles, and the fact that the newly created PST file can be easily imported back into Outlook to get back all the data, make the software the best in the industry.

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