Know Basic Commands of CMD Prompt

Every Windows system user needs to know some useful commands which can be executed via Windows Command Prompt tool for achieving various features of Windows operating system. By continue reading, you can come to know some important commands easily,


ASSOC means association, which helps you to remember all the file extensions which are associated with any specific application. Manually it is not possible to remember but using this command you can achieve the full list of file extension and the application associated with.

For example, Using “assoc.txt=” command you can easily change the file extension.


Cipher command is used to erase entire directory by saving data in random manner on it. In order to erase your C drive completely, you can use this command “cipher/w:c”,  which can delete free space on drive. Actually, this command will not overwrite your recovered data; therefore you will not erase files you require by executing this command.


Drivers are the important program installed on the system which may configured improperly or missed on the system and make some trouble. In order to access a list of files from your system, you can extend this command “driverquery  -v” to get the directory in which the driver installed.

File Compare

This command is used to compare two or more files based on the file text. It is mainly used by the programmers in order to find minute changes between files. You can execute this command type “fc” and path of the directory and file name of the two files.

For example,

fc/1 “C:\ Program Files  (X86)\ file name1.doc” “C:\Program Files (X86)\ file name2.doc”


This command is used to identify the list of open ports and related IP addresses. It is a very useful command when you are troubleshooting your system which can be entered as “netstat -an”.


This command is used to check whether packets are transferring between your computers to any other devices. In order to find out this enter “ping” which will find out any blocking occurred between two communication path or not. Improper configuration and network failure can be detected with the help of this command.


This command is used in Windows 8 and 8.1 systems which is the special feature of this system used to shutdown your system without click on shutdown option. In order to shutdown your system you have to type “shutdown /r/o” which will restart your system and launches the Advanced Start Option for troubleshooting purpose.





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