How to FIX AVI Videos

We can come across many scenarios where our AVI files can’t play due to corruption or damage. In such cases, we need to fix this badly. But before proceeding to that, we should be aware of unreliable softwares as this may further corrupt the AVI file if handled incorrectly. So, we use a software called Remo Repair AVI which does nothing but scans the video in read only mode so there are no chances of further corruption and finally creates a new fixed file.

See it in this video below and you can do it yourself, no technical knowledge required.

Features of Remo Repair AVI

  • The software is user friendly and requires no technical knowledge as mentioned above. Easy navigation and provides description in each window of the wizard.
  • Takes less time for repairing broken, corrupt or damaged AVI video files.
  • The fixed video can be previewed by the user. This shows the reliability of the tool which guarantee the repair of your AVI video files.
  • The tool can be used for recovery from all kinds of physical disk drives, internal drives, external drives, etc.
  • The tool effectively fixes any AVI file of any size and works even if it is severely corrupted.

In the following scenarios, Remo Repair AVI software will be useful

  • The device which you are recording AVI videos got stuck or switch off due to any reason causes corruption.
  • Virus infections in your computer system will cause deletion of files and even sometimes corrupts some or all of your files including AVI videos.
  • If the audio and video streams are not synced properly then it could lead to incompatibility problems and renders an unplayable and corrupted AVI video.
  • If the process of transferring AVI file from your computer system to any other device and vice versa process gets interrupted because of power failure or improper shut down of your system, then AVI file can get corrupted and refuses to play when you try to open it.
  • AVI header corruption, software malfunction, malfunctioning of video player software, etc. These may cause a major impact on your AVI video file and you will get your video in corrupted format.

Steps to Fix AVI Videos

Download Remo Repair AVI tool from the description of the above YouTube video. Install and run it on your system. Then you will be shown with a single browse box where you need to browse your corrupted or damaged AVI video file. Then, simple click on “Repair”, then it will process to fix the AVI video using its inbuilt algorithms and give you a playable video. Then you can “Preview” it and after activation of the software license, you can “Save” it on your disk drive. All the process of repair takes only few seconds. Try it yourself and figure it out.

The only thing is you don’t have to use any unreliable third party software as this may corrupt the AVI file further.

Raw Partition Recovery Tool- Recover RAW Files on Windows and Mac

“Hi, I am using my system from last 3 years but yesterday night I got recover deleted partitiona strange error like one of my hard drive partition is not getting recognized by computer operating system. When I try to click on the icon of that hard drive partition then I am getting an error message that partition need to be format before usage. I don’t know what to do in such situation for getting such huge data that are stored on that partition of my computer hard drive which is inaccessible now. Can anyone know how to recover RAW partition?”

Sometimes, you may encounter with such situation and face trouble in above-mentioned circumstances. Such state of system hard drive partition is said to be RAW which means that file system of partition is not specified. If your system hard drive partition becomes RAW then it won’t get recognized but the operating system of your system and display some error message as mentioned above. In such case, you can use Partition Recovery Program to recover RAW partition of computer hard drive within few clicks of the mouse.

Scenarios in which hard drive partition is identified as RAW:

  • The Severe harmful virus, Trojan, Spyware, malware or dangerous threats infection on system hard drive can completely damage the hard drive or any of its partition after which the hard drive partition cannot recognize by the operating system on the computer.
  • Interruption during formatting/ reformatting process or re-partitioning of system hard drive may lead to complete hard drive or particular partition into RAW state.
  • Improper system shutdown or startup, file system updates, MBR or partition table damage, or other logical errors make the hard drive partition RAW.

Regardless of the reason which is responsible for making healthy partition into RAW format, you can recover data from it using Partition Recovery Program. This utility has such potential which is capable of recover lost/missing files and folders from RAW partition from the computer hard drive.

Some of the common error messages are:

  • The disk in drive (E) is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?
  • Sector not found
  • Invalid media type reading drive F: End, retry, fail?
  • There was an error accessing drive D. The disk is not formatted.

Features of Partition Recovery Program:

  • Partition Recovery Program is capable of recovering inaccessible or missing data from RAW partition on major version of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • This software can recover files from RAW partition which are formatted with NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT and ReFS file systems.
  • Using this software you can restore various types of files such as Microsoft Office documents (PowerPoint presentations, Word files, Excel sheets, etc.), PDF documents, text files, video files, archive files, audio files, RAW image files, generic photo files, and other file formats from RAW partition from computer hard drive.
  • Apart from the internal hard drive and its partitions, you can also recover data from RAW external hard drive, SSD, flash drive, memory card, and other storage media.
  • It can also restore data from RAW partition on various hard drives interfaces such as PATA, SCSI, SATA, ATA, IDE, and other interfaces.

Try Out This File Recovery Software on Windows and Mac for Free

file recoveryYesterday I was working on my system suddenly I press delete option due to which all files and folders get deleted from my system. I am horrified due to this and I want to retrieve all files and folders as soon as possible. Is there any software to recover files on Windows or Mac system? Please suggest…!!!

It is horrified condition for users when data get lost or deleted on Windows or Mac operating system. Data contains different files such as images, songs, videos, documents, etc. Under such condition, you can use Easy File Recovery software to perform deleted file recovery from Windows or Mac system. This recovery tool allows user to recover deleted or lost files with great ease. It is very simple and relevant application so that non technical user can even recover files and folders on Windows or Mac. This application is available online as data recovery software for Windows or Mac system.

Reasons for data loss from Windows or Mac system

Command Prompt: This option can permanently delete your file from system. Due to this option, user face severe data loss from the hard drive of the system.

Recycle Bin Size: The size of recycle bin is 10% of the size of hard drive on Windows operating system. Once you accidentally deleted large files on Windows, and therefore the size of file exceeds the size of recycle bin. Then files on Windows or Mac get deleted from system.

Other Reason: Several other reasons for data loss are human error (accidental deletion), re-installation of operating system, partition of drive, formatting of hard drive, etc.

You can use this effective tool to recover data on Windows or Mac in few simple steps. This application has several advantages, some of features are mentioned below:

Precautions taken to avoid above mentioned scenarios

  • Always ensure whether file is unwanted or not before deletion
  • Upgrade your antivirus tool to the latest version
  • Prepare backup of all important files to avoid data loss situation

Features of Easy File Recovery Software

This recovery software can be easily downloaded on all the latest version of Windows operating system. Preview option allow user to check the file from the recovered file before the purchase of this application. User is not able to save the retrieved file until he purchase the application. It has an extraordinary feature named Find option which allows user to search data according to file signature. It is one the fastest application available online to recover files on computer.

Know about Your Windows 10 Build Number

imagesA number of Windows 10 system users having an idea of which build they are using. In point of fact, most users likely do not know, and that is an OK. Windows 10 operating system should be transparent, and people should not have to know the perfect build of the operating system they are using.

Microsoft Windows Insiders, still are a different breed. People like to keep tabs on every release and sometimes, just sometimes, they may have unnoticed which build they are running. Instead, they things about the update but they do not know how to do or changed. So in order to check Windows build version people need to follow some simple step to get it.

First of all, they need to open up the run command by using the key combination Win + R. After that they need to type winver into the run command text box and click on OK or press Enter button. Once user do that, they should see a dialog screen revealing the operating system build and registration information. There are some other way to check the current build of Windows 10 system. That is by using Win + R key combination and type winver in first text box and Cortana in other search box and choice the first surfaced result.

Note, if people are a Windows 10 OS Insider, then they will likely have an ending date for the build. In such case there is no need to stew over this as they can always stop getting insider builds and their operating system will return to a non expiring edition. Theoretically, Microsoft is going to support updating Windows 10 through the Insider application and this date will constantly get pushed back.

Besides, as an interesting measurement, I noticed that my Windows 10 OS shows Windows 8 at the top. Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul notes that this is just a bug and most of the users will just see Windows or Windows 10 at the top. At last, I am sure many of users have noticed the return of the test mode watermark on the 10525 system desktop. For Insiders, this is also the casual way to check the build number of the operating system.

Unformat USB Drive – Recover Data from Formatted Flash Drive

usbUSB drives are one of most widely used across the world for storing data various types of drives. These drives are easy to use and having very large data storage capacity. Commonly, people use these drives to take the backup as well as storing their precious data. These external storage drives are very small in size therefor they are used by people to carry their information along with them. In market there are a number of manufacturing brands which are developing USB hard drives. These external USB drives have many advanced features and comparability, but beside these thinks, people can face data loss issue from it.

There are various causes by which people can face their important data loss issue from USB drive. Formatting is one of the most common reason behind data loss, because after formatting all the files save in USB drive get lost permanently. These lost data can be their official data or some other like documents, audios, pictures and video files. After encountering such issue, people want to get back all these files at any cost. These lost data can be recovered from formatted USB drive by utilizing a third party tool because there is no manual way to unformat USB drive data. Before talking about the recovery program let us talk about the some most common reasons which leads to data loss from USB drive:

USB Drive Formatting: Format is a process of removing all the information stored in hard drive. Once the drive gets formatted all the data save in it get erased permanently. Therefor, before formatting the USB drive, people need to take proper backup of important data.

Virus Infractions: Viruses are the computer program which deletes the information saved in the storage drive. If people use there USB drive with virus infected system, then there is a chance of USB drive corruption. Once the drive gets corrupted the data store in it become inaccessible. So to access USB drive, people need to format it by which all the data saved in it get lost.

Power Outage: At the time of moving data from USB drive to the computer or vice versa, if system gets shutdown due to power surge or any other causes, then it may lead to data lost.

File System corruption: File system is a method that is used by operating system to keep track the files saved on the drive. If this file system gets corrupted due to any reasons, then all the data saved in hard drive become unreachable.

In order to perform unformat USB drive, people can utilize Unformat Mac application. This program has built with advanced scanning algorithms which performs deep scanning of USD drives and recover each bit of information from formatted drive. Unformat Mac tool supports all the versions of Mac operating system to unformat USB drive such as Yosemite, Lion, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Leopard. It is also capable to recover data from various formatted storage drives including USB drive, Memory card, CF card, Flash drive, Secure Digital cards, Solid State Drive, MMC, etc. very easily.

Here’s More about The Best Motherboard for Gaming

Here’s more about The Best Motherboard for Gaming

When we talk about gaming, then in that case motherboards plays a vital role for showing its good performance. Motherboards consists of huge amount of graphics cards, pricey drives and over clocked CPU which helps anyone’s to work on their laptop with full potential and for long time. A new CPU launched i.e. Sky Lake CPU which demands for new chip sets. The 170 chipsets now makes unclear lines between the Intel’s extreme and standard platform which really provide good results for plenty of our gamers.

Mid-range Skylake motherboard: LGA 1151

With its continuity, MSI is winning its agreement by defeating ASUS with Z171A gaming pro. Almost all the features are matching between MSI and ASUS but the only difference is their Price which is high in case of MSI as compared to ASUS. The Z171A gaming pro is considered to be as budget hardware with its range of 130$. It has a speed of M2 with 14 USB ports which contains a pair of 10Gbps connectors. It has also adjustable mystic light LED array which is present on the right edge of the motherboard.

ASUS is facing many problems with its implementation even after the release of its competitor Z170 pro. For the purpose of internet connectivity, Intel V219 LAN is provided with the protection circuitry that will help to prevent from voltage spikes. All the visible choices which includes heavy soldering, reinforced PCI slots, high quality caps and the titanium chokes indicates improvements. The main disadvantage for the Gaming pro is an issue which is caused by the SATA connectors on the lower part of motherboard. The drive connectors are pointing to the vertical direction as the edge lit design are used here but the mystic light may remain cool at that time.

Best Skylane motherboard all around: LGA 1151

As we are tired of waiting for long, ASUS sorts out the PRO gaming series with MSI. ASUS offers you a new Z170 PRO. This has an alternative feature with perfect VRM software as compared to midrange boards with ALC 1150 audio , Intel v219 Ethernet, and white/silver looks which are subdued and ASUS signature’s series BIOS. While not as robust as Asus low budget runner up, the H 97 Gamer Pro, the Fatal match Asus raw performance and outdistanced AS Rock own Z97 extreme boards on cost, stability and compatibility in this price sensitive segment.

Utility to Recover PST File in Few Simple Steps

Microsoft Outlook is used to store emails, tasks, calendars, RSS scanpst-exe-fails-repairfeeds, journals, etc in PST file. Sometimes, your PST file may get corrupt or damaged due to various reasons. So, in order to resolve this issue there is an inbuilt tool is available called Scanpst.exe. But this tool fails to fix, if your PST file is badly corrupted. In such case, you need to use any reliable software to repair such corrupted PST file. You can make use of PST Recovery software to recover PST file in few simple steps.

Reasons behind corruption of PST File:

Sharing of PST File over the Network

Abrupt Termination of Outlook

Improper Up-gradation of Outlook Version

Interruptions while compacting PST file

Over-sized PST File

PST file header corruption

Precautionary Measures:

  • Use updated antivirus on your system to prevent your system from virus attack. A virus attack may corrupt your PST files that are present on your system.
  • Don’t close Outlook abruptly as it may cause PST file corruption.
  • Outlook may also get terminated improperly due to sudden shutdown of system by power failure. So keep UPS battery for back up to avoid such issue.
  • The solution to avoid PST file corruption is to take proper back up of PST file. So that when you encounter with any of these PST file loss situation, then you can easily restore your PST file from back up.

Features of PST Recovery software:

  • This software recovers corrupted PST file on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc.
  • It is capable of recovering deleted or lost PST file on all latest versions of Windows such as Windows Vista, Windows server 2003, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 10, Windows 7, etc with great ease.
  • Once repairing process is over, you can view the list of items recovered from PST file in Outlook.
  • Using this tool, you can retrieve deleted or lost Outlook attributes such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, etc with utmost ease.
  • You can repair PST file that are not repaired using Inbox repair tool of Outlook known as Scanpst.exe.
  • Using this tool, you can recover delete email messages empted from “Deleted Items Folder”.
  • It also repairs password protected PST file and highly encrypted PST file.
  • This software generates a new PST file in Outlook 2003- 2010 format to import it easily.
  • You can preview the recovered PST file using “Preview” option.

Simple Steps to Recover PST file from Outlook:

  • Install and run the demo version of PST Recovery software on your Windows system and select “Recover files” that display on the main screen.remorecover-windows-main-screen1
  • Now select appropriate option and proceed with the recovery process.remorecover-windows-recover-files-screen2
  • Select the drive in which you want to recover PST file and click on “Next “option to start scanning process.remorecover-windows-select-logical-drives3
  • Once scanning process is over, you can view the recovered PST file along with other data in two types of view. One is “File Type View” and second one is “Data Type View”.remorecover-windows-file-type-view-recovered-files4

Guide to Recover Deleted Files from Mac Hard Drive

“Hello friends! From last one year I am using my Mac operating imagessystem and never faced any problem as everything is going smoothly but yesterday when I opened my laptop, suddenly it gets shutdown. When I turn on my laptop, I felt some abnormal behavior on my Mac laptop as well as my data which is present on my laptop hard drive was no more available. Those erased or lost files are very much important for me as it contains my documents of my office work. Is there any software which can recover my Mac hard drive files?”

Have you ever faced such situations then don’t get panicked because with the help of Mac Recover Deleted Files software, you can easily recover deleted files Mac hard drive. This software comes with advanced algorithm which scans your entire Mac hard drive and recovers your deleted as well as lost files from it.

Scenarios of data loss from Mac hard drive:

Empty Trash Folder: You may empty your Trash folder without keeping any backup of the important files. Like Recycle Bin, you can easily restore all important files from Trash if it is physically present or else if not then you need to use any recovery software to restore those deleted files. You can make use of Mac Recover Deleted Files software to recover deleted or lost files from Mac hard drive.

Accidental Deletion: While deleting unwanted files from Mac hard drive, you may select important files and delete them using Command + delete keys. As a result of which you may encounter with important files deletion.

Antivirus Scanning: This is also the reason behind deletion of files from Mac hard drive if this program detects any threat attached to it. It happened only when your file is infected by virus or malware threats. Antivirus may detect those infected files and delete them in order to keep your system free from virus.

Defrag Failure: De-fragmentation also leads to deletion of files. If the De-fragmentation process gets interrupted due to any reasons then there are chances that the files may get deleted or lost from any volume.

Besides above mentioned scenarios there are some other reasons behind data loss from Mac hard drive such as accidental formatting, journal corruption, sudden power failure, etc. In such circumstances, you can make use of Mac Recover Deleted Files software to recover deleted files from Mac hard drive.

Features of Mac Recover Deleted Files software:

Demo Version: Demo version is available for the users to evaluate the ability of the software. If users are satisfied with the recovery results then they can purchase the licensed version of the software to save the recovered files. Here’s more about how you can recover deleted files from Mac hard drive.

Compatible version of Mac: This software is compatible on all version of Mac operating system such as Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, Mavericks, etc.

Preview Option: Preview option is available in demo version to view the recovered files before restoring it to the desired location.

Save Recovery session: You can use the “Save Recovery session” option once the scanning process is over which is available in demo version to avoid further scanning of the drive. After activating the software with licensed key, you can restore the files with the previously loaded saved recovery session.

How to Turn Off Gatekeeper Permanently on Mac OS X?

Usually users may download and installed so many applications from the internet and stores them in Mac system. These applications may affect your Mac. So to protect your Mac system from such applications Gatekeeper is used. Gatekeeper is nothing but an advanced feature developed on Mac OS X’s. It helps to protect the Mac from malware attacks, virus attacks, and misbehaving apps which are downloaded from the internet. The most reliable place to download and install the apps is Mac App Store. Apple reviews each and every app before it is accepted by the App store. If there is any problem with that app Apple removes it quickly from the App store.

Sometimes while trying to install an app you may encounter with a message stated “can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer “or “can’t be opened’ because it was not downloaded from the Mac App Store. Under such conditions, go to System Preferences option in your system and click on the Security & Privacy option. Under that set the Gatekeeper to allow the apps to be downloaded from the Mac App Store, identified developers, or from anywhere. Now select the Anywhere option along with a warning you will be told that this setting will be automatically reset if the app is not used for 30 days.

Even though if you trusted that software available on the internet is safe or if you want to avoid malware and other bit of nefarious code then you can disable the Gatekeeper permanently. To disable the Gatekeeper from your system you have to follow some steps.

Steps to disable the Gatekeeper feature permanently on OS X:

  • Open the Terminal command and type the following command “sudo defaults write/Library/Preferences/ GKAutoRearm – bool NO” and hit enter.
  • After hitting on the enter key you have to enter your admin password. When typing your password at the Password prompt, you will not see anything on the screen. If you get your normal command prompt after entering your password, then you can enter your password and the command will be executed. If you typed wrong password, a message will be displayed like “Sorry, try again” And you will get another chance to enter the correct password.
  • To undo the Gatekeeper setting again in your system then type “sudo defaults write/Library/Preferences/ GKAutoRearm – bool YES” and hit enter key.
  • For most of the users a balance is to select to allow the apps from Mac App Store and identified developers and then right click on the app you downloaded from a developer but it is neither in the App store nor identified by Apple. Instead of double clicking on the App and getting blocked by Gatekeeper, it is better to right click on the App and select open option. Continue reading this page to get detailed information about how to disable Gatekeeper on Mac OS X.

Recovery Software to Recover Memory Card Data in Simple Ways

Nowadays, all the electronic devices like camcorders, digital cameras, mobile phones, iPods and many more are coming with the features of providing extra slot for memory card as an additional storage space. Due to the invention of various multimedia devices in the market, the usage of memory card is also growing. In memory cards, there are different categories like CF card, MMC card, SD card, etc. and memory card comes in different sizes. Each device is compatible with its own size of memory card. There are varieties of popular brands which manufactures memory card like SanDisk, Sony, Lexar, Kingston, Samsung, and so on.

memory-card-recoveryIt is a small device that is used to store digital data. This can be anything depends upon the electronic device on which user is using memory card from videos, word documents, audios, software, picture, etc. Memory cards are act as a portable device that allows user to store their data and carry along with them. The data stored in the memory card can be re-recordable and it retains the information in it without any power supply.

However, the data stored in the memory cards are erased or lost in various scenarios that include inadvertent deletion; there may be some reasons behind for the data loss from the memory card. The most common scenario is, think that you have connected memory card to the system by inserting in the card reader and moving some files. All of sudden, system shuts down in between the transferring process due to some logical issue. This may cause loss of data from memory card. In such condition, don’t lose the hope. There is one recovery tool known as memory card recovery software available that can easily recover deleted or lost data.

Circumstances under which data may get erased from memory card:

  • Unintentional Deletion: When you are about to delete some unwanted data which are stored in the memory card, you may even select the valuable data and undergo deletion. Hence, after deleting data from memory card will not get stored in Trash or Recycle Bin.
  • Usage of unreliable third party software:  Soon after connecting memory card to the system most of the user will scan the device for checking viruses. In case, if memory card contain viruses then it will infect the data stored in memory card then these data get erased during antivirus scanning. Usage of untrustworthy software to remove virus may delete the data without coming into users notice.
  • Accidental Formatting: User may mistakenly format the memory card when it is connected to the system for transferring of files instead of formatting the corrupt partition from the system. This will erase entire files from the memory card.

If you familiar with the above mentioned scenarios and lose your important data then your first question will be like can memory card recovery is possible? Well, it is possible to recover deleted data only if memory card is not overwritten with new files, because whenever you delete any data from memory card only file pointer to an index is removed and it will become invisible to operating system but the data is still intact to memory card. Hence it is possible to retrieve data with the help of Memory Card Recovery Software until it is not overwritten.
This application is very simple and easy to use for restoring data because of its self descriptive user friendly interface. You can make use of this software to recover memory card data from various type of file system like FAT, NTFS, HFS, ExFAT, HFSX, and more. It can get back the data from several types of memory cards like MMC cards, CF, SDXC, SD, SDHC, XD, etc. It performs safe and secure data recovery process because it is free from virus.

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